De laatste levende Bee Gee

20140630-barry-x600-1404163005Lekker lang, typisch Rolling Stone interview met Barry Gibb (67) die nu in Florida woont met Linda, met wie hij al 44 jaar is getrouwd. ‘The Bee Gees are one of the strangest, most complicated, most brilliant groups ever to achieve pop stardom.’  Want: twee carrieres. In hun eerste waren ze al steenrijk en wereldberoemd, maar nooit helemaal accepte. There’s one night Gibb remembers vividly. He was at a nightclub called Speakeasy, surrounded by a who’s who of Sixties London: Pete Townshend. Jimi Hendrix. The Beatles and Stones huddled together, John Lennon still wearing his outfit from the Sgt. Pepper photo shoot earlier in the day. After a couple of Scotch-and-Cokes, Townshend turned to Gibb and said, “Do you want to meet John?” He led him across the room to where Lennon was holding court “John,” said Townshend. “This is Barry Gibb, from the group the Bee Gees.” “Howyadoin’,” said Lennon, not bothering to turn around. He reached back over his shoulder and offered Gibb a halfhearted shake. “So I met John Lennon’s back,” Gibb says with a laugh. “I didn’t meet his front.”

Vijf jaar waren ze dolende, tot ze opeens een totaal nieuwe sound verzonnen – voor Saturday Night Fever. Het ritme komt van de bruggen van Miami Beach. Al Barry’s broers zijn nu overleden, en toen de moed hem in de schoenen zonk een paar jaar geleden – was er Paul McCartney. ‘They were talking backstage at Saturday Night Live, “and I said I wasn’t sure how much longer I could keep doing this. And Paul said, ‘Well, what else are you going to do?’ And I just thought, ‘Well, OK, then.'”