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Het beste managementboek

Het beste managementboek

Weer een nieuwe kandidaat voor de titel. Auteur: Andy Grove (Intel). Voorsteller: Ben Horowitz (Silicon Valley durfkapitalist). Vrij overtuigende aanbeveling. Voor de liefhebber:

‘When I finally got my hands on the book, the paperback cover took me aback. The 1995 version featured a picture of Andy Grove standing next to the Intel sign. Unlike every other CEO photo that I had ever seen, Andy was not wearing a designer suit. He did not have perfectly combed hair, and he did not strike an arms-folded power pose. No, Andy Grove was dressed for work right down to his key card hanging from his belt. I did a double take. “Was that a key card? He didn’t remove his key card for the book’s cover photo?”  In retrospect, the cover was perfect. As you will see when you read this book, Andy Grove was all substance.’

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