Ook zo’n hekel aan Bono?


Dan is hier een verhaal om u op te vrolijken. Enkele strekkende meters meesterlijk venijn onder de titel ‘Truly I say to you today that Bono is an asswipe.’ Om in de stemming te komen, hier is de openingsalinea:

“At the intersection of all the annoying things a rock star can be—messianic, pretentious, vapid, dumb, old, creatively bankrupt, grandiose, utterly bereft of self-awareness, calcified into a grotesque oily wire-rack-in-the-grocery-store knockoff of himself, part of U2, et cetera—there sits Bono in his stupid housefly glasses, playing with his dick. He is, in the words of Deadspin’s own Tim Marchman, “the worst music man of all time.” “